The concept of Inshop branding is all about believing in yourself. If the employees of a company are cynical about it’s product or do not have confidence on the organization itself, then it is very difficult to convince the buyers to purchase the products. Skepticism should be dealt with as fast as possible as it may start affecting the company adversely.

Inshop branding

In the last few years, companies have started emphasizing on a policy of understanding internal mechanics. They have made it mandatory for their employees to go through various courses like:-

Vigorous training programs that would prove beneficial for the brand as well as the employee
Giving incentives to promote and encourage their efforts
Making regular changes in the management so that employees are always alert

Inshop branding is an important channel between creating a strategy and its successful execution. Open and proper communication helps to eliminate dissatisfaction and incompetency. This form of branding touches numerous spheres like

brand management
human resources
frontline management

In many cases, it is the responsibility of the marketing department to look out for internal branding as they are directly involved between buyers and the organization. The executive department also handles internal branding, as they are also directly responsible for the sales figures.

Companies like Aircel and Vodafone regularly have internal branding exercises wherein the confidence of employees is built through giving more knowledge of how the company operates, and how the company can be differentiated from competitors. As these employees are the direct communication line between the company and the customer, their confidence and the value of the brand in their mind is important.

Advantages of Internal Branding

Internal branding is very advantageous for a brand as it cements the foundation of a company. The following are the various positives derived from it –

Internal branding helps the company to move forward along with all its employees.

Any deficiencies are easily rectified during the training stages, thus making the end teams stronger and efficient.

The interactions during training sessions make the bond stronger amongst the employees developing a feeling of ease and familiarity.

The workshops help to gain a better perspective about the brand and its products.

The training helps to remind the employees about the values, vision and mission of the organization.

The right exposure helps the employees to gain the confidence that would reflect in their performances.

This self-confidence makes a positive impact on the daily internal activities.

Disadvantages of Internal Branding

In many cases, the companies do not pay proper attention to the concept of internal branding.
The lack of proper guidance does affect the attitude of employees.

The main shortcoming of internal branding is that it may lead to groupism and favoritism.

When this starts happening it often leads to chaos and confusion.

Internal branding has an indirect impact on the external branding.

If not handled properly it may lead to far reaching consequences on a brand as both are intricately connected with each other.

Internal branding has been able to make a positive impact on the external branding activities. The confidence gained during these sessions has helped in making the teams healthier with enhanced performances. This leads to an increase in sales figures and higher profits.